Real-time “Head Up” Posture for Comfort and Productivity

PromiseVision 3D™ imaging technology eliminates binocular eyepieces and
replaces them with a completely natural, intuitive three dimensional image with
no loss in magnification, clarity, and illumination.




For 20 years, dental microscopes have been the “Standard of Care” in Endodontics. Advantages of Dental Microscopes include magnification and clarity, co-axial illumination and the potential for better diagnosis and treatment. But there are disadvantages associated with the binocular eyepieces:

· Unnatural static head position, leading to fatigue

· Elevated hand position, leading to fatigue and back strain

· Elimination of peripheral vision, causing slow transfer of instruments and materials from assistant and wasting time

· Elimination of peripheral vision, causing reduced patient rapport and patient awareness

· Very short depth-of-field (typically 3–4mm) leading to frequent fine focus adjustment to inspect treatment and to accommodate patient movements

· Time lost switching from eyepiece view to direct view due to change of focal distance (from infinity) to 20˝distance and adjustment in light intensity

· The very bright illumination that assists the endodontist may be uncomfortable for the assistant


PromiseVision 3D™ gives you more by eliminating the challenges associated with binocular eyepieces:

· Freedom of movement and less fatigue

· Ergonomically correct posture independent of the instrument

· Restored peripheral vision for improved productivity

· Improved patient awareness and rapport

· Unprecedented depth-of-field (30mm) nearly eliminates fine focus adjustments

· No lost time when switching from binoculars to a direct view

· An intuitive 3D image with no learning curve

· Normal depth perception comparable to a direct view


The New Standard of Care for Endodontists and Microscope users

The PromiseVision 3D™ system contains many innovative elements, identified in the graphic below. The hybrid combination of advanced electronics and high quality optics make possible the New Standard of Care for Endodontists and Microscope Users.

1. Powerful Video Processor
Real-time 3D Vision requires the processing power of 20–50 contemporary PCs to process 10–20 gigabits of video data per second, and the processing must be instantaneous. 3D Vision Systems has developed the first processor design providing this power in such a small, affordable package.

2. Perfect Ergonomic Position
An innovative system configuration always places the 3D monitor and the 3D image in a natural, intuitive position for the dentist.  A motorized actuator provides monitor height adjustment, for a perfect ergonomic position and a healthy posture on all operative procedures.

3. Normal Depth Perception
An innovative compact and robust optical system directs images to two HD cameras.  Left and right cameras capture the images intended for the left and right eyes–thus eliminating the binocular eyepieces of dental microscopes. The images from the left and right cameras are processed into a 3D image, yielding the depth perception of normal binocular vision. 

4. Unprecedented Depth of Field
The optical design also allows a full arch or quadrant to be viewed with 5X+ magnification on the monitor. The optics combined with electronic magnification permit unprecedented depth-of-field.